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Tikrit University, since its establishment in 1989 until this day, has attained wide achievements at all levels. It started with one college, College of Education for Women, today it includes 22 scientific and humanitarian Colleges and two scientific centres for research (Salahaldin’s Centre, and the Centre of Natural Resources) and two service’s centres (Computer Center and Informatics, the Center of Development and Continual Education).
Moreover, the university establishes the central library, and a number of consulting offices and a central laboratory. Also, the university establishes a number of evening colleges in College of Education for Humanities, College of Education for Pure Science, Arts, Law, Administration and Economy, Islamic Sciences, and Computer Sciences and Mathematics.
In addition to graduate students, the university headed to serve the community through conducting collective research with the institutions of the state and offer services from their offices, consultative clinics, equivalent education, and food processing such as the production of dairy, eggs and mushrooms.
Postgraduate studies (M.A.) established in 1995 at the College of Education for Women. Recently, the university witnessed an evident expansion in the field of postgraduate studies in most of the colleges.